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Have you been feeling "stuck?" Are you having difficulty coping with stress in your life due to relationships, parenting, employment or other life transitions?
Do you have concerns about your child's behavioral or emotional functioning? Does your child have difficulty interacting with his/her peers? 
If any of the above ring true, please know that you are not alone. Often, accepting that there is a problem, or that something in your life needs improvement, can be a difficult first step. 
It is not uncommon to encounter bumps in the road, though it's important to know that these challenging times CAN improve. Together, we can work effectively to navigate the life challenges that you and/or your child are experiencing.

About Dr. Erin McShane

Dr. Erin McShane is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides collaborative and compassionate therapeutic treatment and support to children, adolescents, adults, and families in Florham Park, NJ and surrounding towns.


Dr. McShane takes a strength-based, nonjudgmental approach to treatment. She believes that every person should be treated as an individual who presents with unique circumstances and needs. Her therapeutic treatment reflects this belief, and she incorporate various treatment modalities to fit the client rather than a one-size-fits-all model. Dr. McShane strives to create a warm therapeutic environment.



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